Top 6 Sellers – 2013

Another fantastic year of design, decor and furniture is drawing to an end so grab a comfy bean bag/chaise/sofa, a glass of eggnog and join us in counting down to top sellers of 2013.

This year we saw a continuing growth of interest in our contemporary furniture lines as well as the ever stylish bar stools. Notably, glass coffee tables which were very popular last year, were overtaken by more functional pieces that offer additional storage space. Without further ado, here they are:

#1: Carnival Love Seat


And at #1…Drumroll…..The Carnival love seat! This extremely popular piece is simply looks comfortable and yes…it does live up to your expectations. The Carnival love seat is padded for ultimate comfort, sprawl out on your own or with a loved one. Durable and attractive, its the perfect fit for creating a look of comfort and relaxation.

#2: Object Sofa 


What better way to unwind after a long day than to let you body flow down this beautiful leatherette sofa. Prefect for curling up with your favourite blanket and a good book or just being lazy in front of the TV.

#3: Fly Barstool


Perfectly adjustable to fit any height; the fly bar stool is anything and everything you can ask for in a bar stool. It’s unique yet simple design gives it the “double take” factor, you’ll have people complimenting you on your excellent taste and good eye for the chique-things in life.

#4: Enterprise Office Chair


This top selling office chair (sells mostly in black – most offices try to avoid the risqué colours) provides stylish functionality to any office. A great fit for both home offices and conference rooms, this piece is mark of professional elegance.

#5: Dixon Drawers


The Dixon drawer is a great way to add stylish storage to your bedroom. The elegant design is a great look that fits pretty much any modern/contemporary décor. This is a great piece to place under your bedroom mirror and the top surface is the perfect place for your jewellery box and other decorative accessories.

#6:  Blazar Lamp


We were surprised that a lighting piece made it into our top 10 sellers but it takes one look at this unique piece to understand what makes it so popular. A special combination of simplicity, functionality and class make the Blazar floor lamp a great choice for lighting up the room the right way.

The Canadian Home Furnishing Market (TCHFM) and SOFA centre

This year on January 11th the international center in Mississauga, ON will be hosting the Canadian Home Furnishing market. This event is the largest of its kind in Canada and features over 200 exhibitors from all over Canada.

The show will be featuring presenters from all furniture and related accessory suppliers which include (but are not limited to): Accents, rug and carpets, fine art, flooring, mattresses and many others.  In a true celebration of Canadian manufacturers and distributers it is the epicenter of quality made Canadian furniture; Innovative stylish and durable.  The furnishing market is a place where ideas spread from manufacturer to retailer and eventually into homes all across Canada.

Unfortunately the market will only be open for designers, decorators, retailers and other industry professionals. The good news is that much of the innovation featured in the show will soon be making its way to a store near you! Including this one! We will be looking out for the best products and features to bring them to you.


The good news is that the Canadian international center also contains the SOFA center (Source of Furniture and Accessories). This massive center contains many showrooms that feature Canadian made furniture and IS open to the general public (although you might have to call in and schedule an appointment with a designer to guide you through the place).

It is truly a unique experience for every design enthusiast or anyone who is planning to remodel and redecorate their home. A place to generate ideas and get inspired by the sights and smells of leather, fine craftsmanship and passion.

So be on the lookout for information and pictures about the home furnishing market on your favorite Canadian interior design blogs and magazines.

What is Houzz?

Houzz is the brainchild of a couple from Palo alto, CA that decided there should be a better way to decorate and remodel your home. After several grueling months of cutting out pictures from magazines they created Houzz: the uniquely visual community surrounding design and decoration.

In short, Houzz is an idea generator. To date, it contains more than 2 million photos of interiors and decorating items ranging from living rooms to storage room interiors and even surprisingly creative shed layouts.

The beauty of Houzz is its social nature; the ability to connect home owners with nearby professionals that will help them the job done. This is how it works:

  • Browse over 2 millions photos in categories such as: kitchen, bath, bedroom, dining, exterior etc.
  • Collect the photos you like into an “ideabook”
  • Pick which features you would like to use for your project
  • Contact the professional that posted them with your questions (pricing/timing/feasibility)
  • Get it done!

Since its conception in 2010 it has become the latest “must have” tool for anyone looking to improve the look of their home and add a touch of design to everyday life.

Home Theatre Furniture Essentials

Home theatre furniture should bring both function and elegance to your space – you want pieces that are efficient, stylish, and sturdy. When furnishing your theatre room, it is important to fully understand the needs of your space and identify with the overall theme you are going for. This way, you can acquire the furniture that makes your room both comfortable and convenient.

Home Theatre Seating

Whether you want multi-seating sofas or individual chairs, comfort is key when shopping for home theater seating. Home theater seats come in a wide variety of colors, styles, patterns, materials, and finishes; you can find plenty of design options to suit your preference. Plush leather sofas and sectionals help absorb echo and tame high frequencies. Remember that the plusher the furniture is, the better it will be at absorbing sound – which improves audio performance. You also need to consider the size of the room when shopping for home theatre seating. Whether you have a huge or limited space, there are seating options that will be available to you.

Media Furniture

You can enjoy a clutter-free home media room while attractively displaying or safely storing your entertainment units. Put your Blu-ray players, streaming devices, remotes, and even speakers in media storage cabinets and A/V racks. The rack that will work best for you will be dictated by the functionality of your home theater systems and the design of your room. Depending on its size, a regular cabinet can store all your components and audio/video accessories. There are dedicated entertainment units you can use with vent grommets for good airflow. Media racks and cabinets come in an assortment of styles, shapes, sizes, and designs. Usually, A/V racks and media storage cabinets are pre-made, but they can also be custom-built to fit your needs. From the smallest of speakers to the biggest of flat-screen TV’s, there is media furniture that can house all your units and match your existing décor.

TV Stands and TV Wall Mounts

Before purchasing a TV stand, measure the dimensions of your TV and home theater room. You don’t want a stand that can’t accommodate your TV and let it hang over the front or back – that is both risky and unsightly. TV stands are a safe, secure way to support your TV on any surface. For added functionality, there are TV stands with a base that can either swivel with 360 degrees rotation or sit in a fixed position. You can tilt the screen backward or forward to find the perfect viewing angle for you. There are small TV consoles available if the TV is the only thing you want to prop up. On the other hand, wider TV consoles offer plenty of space where you can display additional items like picture frames, figurines, or small speakers. TV stands with adjustable shelves let you modify the arrangement and storage of your audio/video accessories.

Anchoring the TV to the wall lets you save space and gets rid of exposed wiring. Check the weight requirement of your TV before purchasing a wall mount. To prevent tip-overs, the mount you get should support the allotted weight and screen size of the TV. Make sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you install TV wall mounts.

Guest writer Erika White is a content writer for a home theatre supply store that offers theatre furniture, cinema seats, and sofas and sectionals.

Unique Bookshelf Design

Usually there is not much that can be said about a bookshelf. It is a shelf, yes, that normally contains books, yes. Rarely people like to display their clay star wars figures on bookshelves, but this is beyond the purpose of this specific post.

The Dutch design studio known as Atelier 010 have added to the world of endless design creativity by making a strikingly ingenious bookshelf. The word “unique” also finds its place within the description of this masterfully designed piece of furniture. You simply won’t find similarly designed bookstand. This particular piece will not exactly recreate a library setting but it will most definitely help you sink into the universe of reading.

The Bookworm, as the Dutch design studio has named it, has a modern and colourful design. A splash of orange and fresh green yells out modernity and playfulness. Yet, the design of the furniture emanates peacefulness. Orange, which combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, also represents creativity, stimulation and enthusiasm. This colour is often associated with joy. Green, the colour of nature, symbolizes harmony and freshness. From a psychological perspective, green has a strong emotional correspondence with safety. Combining the two colours, you get a safe and fun environment for reading. Simply ingenious!

The piece comes with 2 pillows, providing extra comfort for your bottom parts. Actually, it would have been awesome if the entire interior of the bookshelf was made of some sort of soft material so you can lie down in half-moon shape. Perhaps this was not possible from an engineered standpoint, or maybe the designers are reading this post wishing they had me on their team a week ago. Either way, you will have to be satisfied with the two pillows.

The shelf does not require any additional support. It has the ability to stand on its own. In addition to its steel base, the bookshelf comes with an incorporated light bulb if you do decide to do some late night James Bond readings.

The bookworm has the ability to fit a variety of modern environments. Contemporary interior designs usually feature black and white furniture or colourful stuff like the bookworm. Either way, the bookshelf can be included in the setting. Even if your entire room is in black and white, this piece will actually bring some life and additional sense of modernity. I wouldn’t recommend getting it if you have a traditional style living room space. It will not go well with darker colour long curtains or drapes. It would go great, however, with some modern style white shutters.

Bookworm-for-Modern-House_large Bookworm-Modern_large Bright-Orange-Green-Bookshelf3_large Colourful-Shelf1_large Curvy_large

The Great Sofa

What makes a sofa great? I know the great Gatsby (the main protagonist in Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby) was great in several senses, such as being romantic, the way he perceived, and his potential. His greatness was only limited by his ambition to pursuit the American dream. So, greatness does come with some quantitative factors imbedded within. The question is what are those factors when it comes to a couch or a sofa?

A great sofa does not necessarily have to be a new sofa. I’ve had this argument with a friend of mine over a couple of burgers at a fast food restaurant once (only relevance to the American dream). He maintained that only a brand spanking new sofa can be great. One that still smells like new and nobody else has had their bottoms on. Not only that, but it also had to be cheap, made of leather, not leatherette, and extremely comfortable. I am not saying that a piece of furniture as this one cannot constitute a great sofa, it sure can. However, to me the question is more philosophical.


When I think of greatness, whether it is in regards to furniture, or Gatsby, I tend to conceptualize things more. Simply put, a great sofa is one that can be described by its non-physical attributes. Crazy talk, right? To me, a great sofa is made up of memories, not leather. Its comfortability consists of its ability to make my brain relax, rather than my bottom parts. I think attachment, rather than a cow’s skin, is more important to the definition of great furniture. Think about it, isn’t the couch you had your first kiss on great? I mean sure, maybe it was a bit uncomfortable, and still is, maybe the kiss was forced, but the memories are still sunk in that sofa! Great memories attach themselves to various items of our surroundings and make them great.


Money can only buy you so much. My favourite sofa is probably 15 years old, as of today. I love it and it is great to me because I have the best memories with it (no, nothing dirty I promise). I associate my couch with my first dog, which was a puppy at the time. When I see this sofa I remember how I used to share it with my dog while watching Star Wars. I have cleaned the sofa numerous times, so it doesn’t have an old scent of my dog, or me for that matter. Regardless of that, the memories are still attached and the sofa makes me feel both nostalgic and great. So who is to tell me that my sofa isn’t great?

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